Black Women On Boards

About Black Women on Boards

Black Women on Boards is a national program to improve the gender balance on UK company and organisation boards.  It has  subscribers to its website from all sectors and industries including the public service. The network has many qualified, female executives from legal, financial, IT, sales and marketing, human resources, business development and project management backgrounds who are looking for a board career.

Black Women on Boards partners with many other professional women’s networks as well as the corporate, government, not-for-profit and sports sectors to hold events, create opportunities for women, mentor women into directorships and ensure a high level of dynamic interaction across its large and influential network.

Most of its activities will be internet based and bring the network together in a virtual space to share information and experiences about how to get onto boards. It will create a website community of  best practice where women  can draw support, encouragement, advice and services from a network with a common purpose. The on line network is a quick conduit to establishing contact with other women seeking directorships, building associations to support and mentor women.

What the Women on Boards program aims to do:

  • Raise awareness and support for women on boards
  • Lobby for skills-based selection to boards
  • Hold high level networking and mentoring events
  • Give BWOB members unique opportunities to access company boardrooms and directors
  • Provide access via its website to a board resume builder, and vacant board positions.
  • Actively promote black women onto boards in a variety of ways
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