Sponsors Benefits:-

Sponsors Packages and benefits include:-

Sponsorship of BIBAs is a way of increasing, and communicating with your target audience, locally nationally and internationally. Associating with the BIBAs is a marketing activity, which not only enhances your credibility but helps you to build your brand awareness to a wider audience and fast.

You will to achieve the widest possible exposure through the Black Business community locally, nationally and internationally through this channel. Our event will achieve a high profile, increase visibility of your messages, products and services.

What are the key benefits of sponsoring our event?

Apart from the coverage and other benefits that can be achieved around the event, there are also other benefits to consider including: –

  • Shaping consumer attitudes. If you are looking to improve how you are perceived by this demographic, by sponsoring our event, you can potentially influence reputation attitudes within our community.
  • Networking opportunity. Not only do you have the opportunity to build awareness of your brand through effective event sponsorship but the event also provides a great networking occasion with the businesses.
  • Creating positive publicity. Our events achieve a lot of publicity, which could be beneficial for you as sponsors as you too will be mentioned in editorial and listings. You will also appear in photos/images used for post event coverage.
  • Heightening visibility. Through the entire publicity campaign; pre and post event, as well as displays of logos and specific involvement during the event, your brand will not be forgotten.

When considering whether you should sponsor our event you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How is our event appropriate for your company?
  • Will our event attract your target audience?
  • Does the image of the event tie in with your department business objectives?
  • What other benefits will the association with this organisation bring to your company?

Want to know more?  Please contact us and we will send you a pdf of our sponsorship packages:-

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