BIBA’s are back

It’s been some time …four years in fact, since the European Federation of Black Women Business Owners had one of  it’s memorable dinners which became an indelible part of the Black History Month calender, presented an award or celebrated Black Women In Business.

As 2012 arrives and seem to be celebrating everyone and the kitchen sink, apart from ourselves we thought this a good time to regroup.

We’ve celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee,(God Bless her) her birthday, Philip’s birthday, Williams birthday, the London Olympics and Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence, so we have decided not only to celebrate our name change from European Federation of Black Women Business Owners to Leaders, but we also thought it time we celebrated  Black Women In Business, and we plan to do so again in our usual spot in Black History Month.  Watch this space for more information.

Until then we will be celebrating in a few ways.

1)  If you or anyone you know won one of our awards, and would like to be listed on our website – please send us information via our contact form below.

2) If you or any one you know would like to be nominated for one of the prestigious BIBAs trophies, again you know what to do – click here.

3) We are giving Women Business Leaders whether a business owner or someone in corporate structure the opportunity to have an article written about you and your achievements on our website.  We will feature one business owner and one woman in a corporate structure per week, so get writing!

Just fill out the contact form below, check the option you require, submit the form and we will get back to you.

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