BIBAs Are Back:   BIBAs – Black Women In Business Awards
In Celebration of Black Women Business Leaders
EVENT: Black Women In Business Awards – BIBAs
VENUE: Central London Venue TBC
CAPACITY:Minimum 350 with increase capacity

The European Federation of Black Women Business Owners is pleased to relaunch the long overdue and much in demand BIBAs – Black Women In Business Awards.

Having downscaled during the past four years, and after listening to members demands, the BIBAs are back, and 2012 marks a milestone of its return. BIBA Categories

Launched in 1996, by Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE, the EFBWBO  (European Federation of Black Women Business Owners) was  inspired by sister organisation in the USA – The National Federation Of Black Women Business Owners of which Dr Thompson was their first International Awardee.  Dr Thompson was inspired to go on to develop a women’s network which galvanised women of colour in the small business arena.  The EFBWBO developed the BIBAs (Black Women In Business Awards) as an arm to particularly celebrate, profile, and highlight an  under estimated and under served section of the female business community across the UK &  Europe, spawning chapters in France, Holland and Germany, and influencing the start-up of similar awards in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Bermuda, Jamaica, and Guyana.

Black Women Business Owners, making great strides and positively contributing to the UK’s GDP, along with counterparts, Black Women who are climbing the ladder within corporate structures, are shattering glass ceilings, showing leadership skills and making way for future executives from  minority backgrounds.

Through BIBAs, they have been recognised and rewarded for their  contributions to progressing the equality and diversity agendas in both public and private sectors in their own way.

The Awards have in the past been held in central London hotels, from the Café Royal, London
Metropole, to the Park Lane hotels including the Hilton, The Inn on the Park, The Grosvenor, with the last venue being The Marriott in Grosvenor Square.

In 1996 the awards started with just 150 people in attendance.  By  its 10thyear at the highest point we shared the event with over 1200 attendees at the Grosvenor Hotel.  Recognising the challenges with maintaining an event of that size it was decided the event should be downsized. The last event took place  at the Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square, with 575 attendees.

During that time we have hosted, Lords, Ladies, MPs, Mayors of London, showbiz celebrities,
business gurus, international speakers and politicians, corporates, business owners, sporting
personalities, students and much more. BIBAs also mark, highlights corporates which reflects global changes and make their companies a place that minorities want to work.

Having presented between 15 and 20 awards each year from 1996 to 2008 BIBAs have celebrated over 225 business owners, public, private and corporate awardees and have etched out an indelible place for this event in the annual Black History Month Calendar.

We are currently seeking sponsors and partners to assist in achieving the relaunch of the best well know business awards in the Black Business community since its inception in 1996. Acting on feedback the event is missed, and it is felt there is a gap in the market for such an event within the Black community.

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