About us

Welcome to the European Federation of Black Women Business Leaders.  The federation was founded by Dr Yvonne Thompson in February 1996 on her return from Washington where she was invited by Dr Mary Walker – the then President of the National Federation of Black Women Business Owners our American counterpart who have been working with and supporting minority women business owners since 1984.

Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE was nominated as one of the UK’s most promising and prominent Black women  business owner and was invited to the US to witness one of the most powerful events that she had ever attended.  She said “it was a life changing trip for me.  I saw possibilities I never saw before”.  A hotel banqueting suite of over 500  powerful Black Women business owners, and leaders celebrating, profiling and networking with each other, so impress her, she immediately on her return to London she  started the UK equivalent, and within six months was in a position to host the very first EFBWBO awards dinner at the Portman Hotel, in London West End’s Portman Square.  The first of its kind to take place in the UK or Europe!

The little matter of her being the first outsider(non American) to be nominated and to receive and award from the NFBWBO also had something to do with the energy, the enthusiasm and the entrepreneurship that gave her the strength and tenacity to start and continue on with the organisation.

After putting together a small but very  able team, the first awards dinner  in 1996 was attended by 150 business owners and their supporters and corporates at the leading edge of promoting equality and diversity.  By 2007 the most recent event the number had at one event surpassed 1200 attendees to what became the most recognised, and eagerly anticipated event on the Black History Month Calender.

Not only was what became the BIBA Dinner grown nationally, it spread to Europe with French and Dutch Chapters starting up and continuing on to host their own awards as well as continuing to attend the UK event.

Determined to keep the profile high BIBA dinners have always been hosted in West End venues from the Portman Hotel, Cafe Royal, The Hilton, The Inter Continental, The Grosvenor, The Hilton Metropole and the Marriott Hotel In Grosvenor Square, BIBA Dinner has hosted Lords, Ladies, Parliamentarians, dignitaries, business celebrities, government representatives, national and  international notaries ministers and event deputy prime ministers.

We have been endorsed by UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown, and have had corporate sponsors across  the board.

With steadfast guidance and support from our advisory boards and Patrons
we continue to be the foremost Black Women Business Leaders organisation in the UK and Europe.

Recognising the impact of the economic downturn on our members EFBWBL down sized its events, but continued to work with the African Caribbean Business Network as a behind the scenes partner, co-promoting and managing the annual conference element of activities.

Now back on track we look forward to re-engaging with sponsors and hosting the first BIBA Dinner for four years.

We welcome the support of sponsors who aid us in continuing to uphold our aims and objectives within the small business arena.

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